You and Your Association

On behalf of your Board of Directors, Community Club Management, Inc. (CCM), welcomes you to your new community and homeowners association. We know that you will be an asset to the association and look forward to working with you. As your community's property manager, we are providing this information to assist you in understanding the basic operation of Covenant-controlled Associations and our role as managing agent.

Please keep in mind that every community has its own set of Covenants, and these documents vary from community to community. This information given is general and is not intended to replace or summarize individual covenants. For answers specific to your community please refer to your Covenants. If you do not have a copy of your Covenants, check with the sales office in your community or contact our office.

At the moment you signed the contract on your home, you became a member of a mandatory homeowners association (HOA), governed by a set of recorded legal documents. Your association, an entity incorporated with State of Georgia, files an annual tax return with the IRS.

The homeowners association is controlled by a Board of Directors first appointed by the developer, and later elected by the homeowners. Often, the developer funds the HOA's financial deficit until the association is able to support itself. At turnover, the developer has the right to recoup his money. Community Club Management is not your board of directors.

The homeowners association has several obligations to its members. They include the following: Collect the assessments in a timely manner and pay all association bills, enforce the Covenants equally among all residents, maintain the common property owned by the association, including entrances and recreation areas, pay property taxes and maintain insurance policies, maintain written records for the association, and operate according to the by-laws recorded with the state. Through its operation, the association's primary goal is to maintain your property values.

Residents, in turn have obligations to the HOA. Homeowners are required to pay an assessment determined by the Board. Your prompt payment of your Association fees is extremely important as the majority of the associations' expenses occur early in the year. Late fees are assessed and legal action is taken in accordance with your Covenants for unpaid assessments. Residents who are past due may not utilize recreational facilities until their account is paid in full. Whereas, these restrictions may seem harsh, they are for the benefit of the community as a whole. Additionally, homeowners are required to adhere to the architectural control restrictions set forth in the Covenants and to any guidelines adopted by the Board.

The purpose of Covenants is to protect the integrity of the community, and, therefore, the value of each individual property. These Covenants include architectural control guidelines that provide a reasonable procedure for tasteful community development. Most communities have an Architectural Control/Review Committee (ACC/ARC) to review the architectural guidelines and homeowners requests for approval to make exterior changes to their property.

The Covenants require that all homeowners obtain written approval from the ACC/ARC PRIOR to beginning any modification to the exterior of the home or property. Submit all requests for approval to Community Club Management; CCM will then forward your submittal to the ACC/ARC for their review. Your written request should include the following: A complete description of your project including dimensions, colors and materials to be used, and a copy of your survey clearly showing the location of the project. You may also want to include any additional information that might help the committee make a well-informed decision. After the committee has reviewed your request, you will receive their written decision for your records.