Management Services

How We Manage Your Community

SERVICE SECOND TO NONE: Our professional customer service includes personalized attention for each community, including returning requests by phone or email within one business day

POWER IN NUMBERS: By utilizing the strengths of our team of experienced representatives, each CCM department is able to ensure continuity through targeted “task-specific” management of your community, thereby reducing service delays

SUPPORT THAT GOES THE DISTANCE: Our representatives obtain insurance quotes, assist with proxies and elections, and help to conduct the amendment process

CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS: CCM sends homeowner updates and notices for board meetings, as well as receives homeowner feedback, including complaints and comments

EFFICIENT OPERATIONS: CCM supervises all day-to-day operations, leaving the decision  making to your board

ESSENTIAL MARKETING: We offer a keen eye and clean direction in the development of your community website and tools for homeowners, such as electronic dues payment and an online events calendar, adding to your already successful community marketing plan

COMMUNITY CONTACT: CCM maintains your membership list, contact information and an online community directory, keeping you in touch and connected to your neighbors through your website

PERSONAL PRIVACY: CCM provides secure storage for your association files, ensuring that your records remain protected, even as board members change

LEGAL FORMALITIES: CCM files federal and state tax returns, annual secretary of state updates and payments, and prepares and issues all tax forms to service vendors on your community’s behalf